CAF offers two to three scholarships annually to students that show promise in the field of professional forestry. Read about our winners below!

2017-2018 Scholarship Winners

Daniel Foster


Danny is entering his second year in the Master of Forestry program at Cal as a member of Scott Stephens’ fire ecology lab. After earning a BA in History from UC Berkeley, Danny fell in love with the Sierra Nevada while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. After stints in agriculture and advocacy work, Danny found his niche working on the land management team of the Nature Conservancy’s Maryland chapter. After nearly two years with TNC, Danny has returned to California to pursue a Master of Forestry degree and further his career in land management. He is particularly interested in the nexus of fire ecology and land management in California, and is currently working to describe the long-term effects of fuels-treatment projects as part of the Fire / Fire-Surrogate study at Blodgett Forest Research Station. Danny is thrilled to be working in and for the places he loves most, and very proud to join the Cal Forestry tradition.”

Azalie Welsh

Azalie Welsh

Azalie is a senior in the Forestry and Natural Resources major, graduating in May 2017. She is pursuing her degree out of sheer love for working in and for forest lands, in the hopes of eventually becoming a Registered Professional Forester working to manage western forests for social and ecological sustainability and resilience. She has had formative seasonal field experiences with the National Park Service, California State Parks, the U.S. Forest Service, and CAL FIRE, along with summer 2015 at the UC Forestry Camp. These and other experiences have filled her with both heaps of enthusiasm for studying forest systems and with even more conviction that these interconnected systems are beautiful, vastly important, and worth managing




Elliot Kuskulis

Elliot (known to many a Cal forester as “Kous Kous”) is wrapping up his undergraduate studies in Forestry and Environmental Sciences. He is interested in uncovering patterns of forest change and piecing them together into stories that can offer detailed strategies for ecosystem management in the face of novel challenges. Throughout his time at Cal, he has sought to balance research, active management, and educational outreach: tracking the development of forest diseases like white pine blister rust, assisting with management projects at Blodgett Forest Research Station, and leading interactive science lessons in classrooms around the Bay Area have been important in equal measure. After graduation, he will be working in the lab of Dr. John Battles, with a particular focus on investigating California’s unprecedented wave of tree mortality and its ramifications.



Link to PDF of scholarship announcement: 2014 CAF Scholarship Notice

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